The Sierra Blanca Horror Picture Show

Lovely Sierra Blanca formed by nature

Not protected by the town counsil of Istan

Sierra Blanca Country Club formed by big business

Destroyed by Swiss Made Homes

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The ‘Sierra Blanca Country Club’ is a 300 Million € project. It is situated above ‘Cerros del Lago’ between km 6 and 7 of the road from Marbella to Istan. The new urbanisation interrupts hiking path PRA140 which connects Marbella to Istan.

Click at the ‘Fotos’ button to ‘enjoy’ how SwissMadeHomes promotor of Sierra Blanca Country Club forms a nature of its own.

Would they have done this in the Alps of Switzerland too ?

Why did the town council of Istan permit such a large construction area inside the official ‘Reserva de la Biosphera’ Sierra de las Nieves ?

There are still so many free areas for construction at the coast. Why have they to hurt nature in the mountains that way?

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